My name is Morgan (Olsen) Smith. I grew up by the ocean in Laguna Beach, but always felt a pull to the big city. A constant love struggle between each coast. After studying journalism in college, I made the move to New York to start my career at Elle Magazine, and went on to work for companies such as Harvey Faircloth, Kate Spade, TT Collection, Guess? Inc. and Bugaboo. After having my first baby, I began consulting for Bugaboo, Freshly Picked, Storq and other premium brands to all a more flexible work scenario as a mother.

This spring, I recently launched my own children's swim label - minnow. 

Here I live in Southern California with my husband, little boy, and baby girl on the way!  This is my place to share my inspirations and the things that I love.

Thank you for stopping by, love having you here.


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