Jeep Grand Cherokee’s recalled over dangerous floor mats

Jeep has announced this week that it is voluntarily recalling a number of Jeep Grand Cherokees worldwide because of faulty car mats.

Approximately 6,745 Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT and Jeep Grand Cherokee Trackhawk SUVs have an issue with the driver-side floor mat moving forward and trapping the accelerater pedal – meaning that any easing off of the accelerator wouldn’t correspond to a decrease in speed.

The issue was discovered after parent company FCA (Fiat Chrysler Automobiles) received a complaint from a customer and after further investigation, they decided to announce the recall.

Among the recalled Grand Cherokees, 4,822 are located in the US, 996 are situated in Canada, 164 are in Mexico and 763 are dotted around the world.

However it is thought that around a third of the recalled vehicles are currently still sitting in dealerships.

FCA is unaware of any accidents or injuries related to the faulty floor mats but are advising owners to remove the driver-side floor mat and schedule an appointment with an authorised dealer as soon as they receive the recall notice.

The FCA have stated that “US vehicles are equipped with brake-throttle override” which “cancels a sustained accelerator-pedal input when it detects simultaneous brake-pedal and accelerator-pedal application.”

Owners of the affected Jeep SUVs will be contacted by the car maker, informing them of the recall and advising them to schedule an appointment with an authorized dealer. There, technicians will replace the floor mats on the driver’s side with new ones free of charge.

Until then, those who have already purchased the 2018 Grand Cherokee SRT or Trackhawk are being advised by FCA to remove the driver-side floor mat.

In addition to the SRT’s and Trackhawk’s, the car maker is also calling back an estimated 11 sets of the same floor mats. These were sold at dealers as accessories between November 17 and March 2018 and could also trap the accelerator pedal.

In 2009 Toyota recalled nearly 4 million vehicles because of a similar issue with the driver side floor mat, however Toyota’s issues snowballed into more than just problems with the floor mats and led to a large-scale investigation into unintended acceleration which cost the car maker billions.

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