Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Portland, Oregon

My first visit to the pacific northwest. I have yet to see Seattle, but if it's any version of Portland, I'm already a fan. The moody, damp weather was just what I needed after an overly hot summer for Southern California.  Call it global warming or post-baby hormones, either way this summer was HOT (especially since we were AC-less). That being said, Portland was my welcome to fall.

If I could describe Portland in three words it would be green, urban and foodie.

The restaurant scene was vibrant and eclectic, so many incredible spots, we couldn't even scratch the surface.  Joel and I decided the eats alone are reason enough to come back.  As for green, the drive to the coast (and in our Subaru Outback, of course) was out of this world. Trees and Trees for days. So gorgeous!  We also managed to visit Multnomah falls, which although crowded, was pretty spectacular. The perfect mini hike with a baby to get up close to the falls.

I feel like if your city has an Ace Hotel, it's got to be urban ;) When it comes to shopping, there was a lot of cool menswear options. Joel was loving the shops in the Pearl district, such as Polar and Steven Alan.  All and all, it was the perfect weekend getaway to get a little taste of something different. I love exploring a city I have never been to before. And even better with my two favorite people.


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