Tuesday, May 20, 2014

My Sister's Wedding: Style Me Pretty Feature

My sister's waterside wedding was recently feature on the beautiful and inspiring site, Style Me Pretty.  The ladies at SMP described her wedding perfectly, 'colorful and heart warming, with casual elegance' which adjectives also describe Riley perfectly as well.  Relaxed, yet timeless. There is nothing I love more than a wedding, that looks and feels like the couple you are celebrating.

You can see more photos of the wedding here, taken by the talented Ashlee Raubach. Ashlee is one of my favorite Orange County photographers because she is able to captures the intimate details of the day and soft natural light perfectly. 


  1. I know you are preping for baby! I hope you come back blogging!

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  3. Simply all looks perfect and adorable.. I like the wedding venue you have chosen for your wedding and style everything so beautifully.You both are looking awesome together and some part are impressed me and get beautiful ideas for my niece wedding planning. Thanks for posting it.

  4. you look so happy, your sisters wedding looks magical, i think its because you had a great wedding designer, i heard these http://elstile.com/ are good.


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