Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Bump Style: Well Rounded NY Feature

I'm so honored to be featured on Well Rounded NY's site this month as part of their 'Bump Envy' series. When you're growing by the day, feeling larger than ever, more swollen than ever, they really know how to make a pregnant mama feel the glow.

In the feature there is a short interview on my thoughts on motherhood.  I really appreciated and valued the chance to stop and think about my feelings on becoming a parent, my hopes and fears. We only wish we can do and give the best possible, while jumping in blindly and pretty clueless. Thank goodness there are so many resources these days and support online, especially a site like Well Rounded NY. A site that has a modern and fresh take on pregnancy, tells us what's up, and clues us in on preparing for motherhood.


  1. You are the cutest pregnant lady ever! What a great feature. I love the part about life continuing and being enhanced through the eyes of the little ones, and not stopping. That has been my favorite part so far, rediscovering everything.

  2. You are seriously the sweetest. So happy you enjoyed being featured. Lots of love and healthy wishes almost-mama!!


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