Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Saturdays in Santa Monica

Easy and breezy. It's on a warm Saturday mid-winter, when crowds die down and the sun is still out that I really stop and realize how much I love this town. Ocean air in the hair, don't care! I feel like LA can get a bad rap, with it's traffic and entertainment scene, but really this place is pretty great. 

While cruising around Ocean ave, we popped into the newly renovated, incredibly designed lounge  'The Bungalow", at the Fairmont Hotel. Oh my! How did it take me this long to check that place out? California low-key, relaxed charm. I need a reason to throw a work event there, just too cool of a space.

And as you can see baby boy is growing, and this belly is popping! These last couple weeks I have had some renewed energy, and after being sick the last 22 weeks, I welcomed the energy with open arms.  Hello world! Now at 24 weeks, ready to get on the (much needed) babymoon so soon.


  1. looking great momma! xo

  2. Love to see that baby bump growing and you Morgan dear are glowing

  3. You're such a cute pregnant lady :) You are glowing!!


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