Monday, October 28, 2013

Exploring Los Angeles

A couple weekends ago, we ventured up to the iconic Griffith Observatory, LA's monument to public astronomy. The stunning art deco structure is tucked deep in the Hollywood Hills, towering over all of Los Angeles and commanding quite the view of the entire city. We went right at the magic hour, when the sun was coming down over the town. It was late September, which in California is still quite warm and the air was clear and crisp (perfect for star gazing). People were just hanging out around the grounds, laying blankets on the grass, and waiting for the night sky to appear. It's hard not to become a space nerd, after visiting this free monument, with user-friendly telescopes planted out for anyone and everyone to use. I was all over it, scouring for those planets left and right.

Aside from the astronomy aspect, there are plenty of solid trails to go hiking on around the observatory and the view of the city is as good as it gets. Not to mention, the exceptional view of the Hollywood sign. Tourist or no tourist, this spot is one of the city's best.


  1. Great pictures! Also, I loved this dress from your insta feed and seriously stalked H&M until they had my size. And now it is one of my favorites (though NorCal calls for tights and boots to go with it), so thank you!

    1. Good call with the tights + boots! I'm so going to do the same. (i love it bc it has a vintage vobe, and you wouldn't guess h&m)

  2. Gorgeous photos! Makes me want to visit pronto.

    Xx Mallory

  3. nice to see your great blog! :)
    I'm here first time and I like it!
    kisses from Poland

    do you wanna follow each other?

  4. kudos! this is one beautiful blog <3

  5. We've got to go, I've never been, its so impressive


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