Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Favorite Fall Flats

1. Ankle Strap 2. Stripe Lace-Up 3. Ankle Boot 4. Leopard Flats 5. Metallic Oxfords

It's mid-August and I am already picking out my 'back to school' shopping, hard to resist when there are so many pretty things hitting the floor ( + online) right now. Oh and of course, September issues are here! 

There is nothing more feminine, flattering, and sexy than heels. I love the idea of them and I really try to be a heel type-a-gal (date night + church service). But lets be honest, flats get me every time.  Luckily there are so many chic options. Since my office is on the smaller side and down the street from the beach, it seems to be a little more relaxed and low maintenance.  These are some of my  favorites in the flat or semi-flat department, that I would love to be wearing to work come fall.  (Since a couple of these are not quite budget cheerful, consider these inspirational, and you can find great similar options here and here!  


  1. You have the best style, seriously. I love fall, with boots and sweaters, and now on the lookout for my first pair of ankle boots! Thanks for the cute ideas!

    1. Erin, you are the sweetest! Fall is the best xo

  2. each pair is divine! i could hardly begin to pick a favorite.


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