Thursday, July 11, 2013

Taking a Daycation - Catalina

Last Saturday we left the mainland and embarked on a short little daycation to what I like to call, paradise. The historic and enchanted island of Santa Catalina. I always forget how close it really is to us,  just a quick 1 1/2 hour boat ride from Los Angeles or Orange County to the dreamy island - 26 miles off the shore. I've now labeled it as our newest go-to getaway.

For this trip, we jumped on the Catalina Flyer with Joel's parents ready to re-discover the island's beauty. There are so many activities to do over there from zip lining, to bike trails, hikes, bison-spotting (yes, wildlife running free) boat tours, fishing, you name it. The four of us decided to take some double kayaks out for a spin and explore the crystal clear water.  An enclave where the golden garibaldi's flourish. After our paddle, we basked at the Descano Beach Club and soaked up the sun, went for a cove-side lunch, popped our heads in tourist shops and then before we knew it the boat was calling us back. A perfect summer Saturday. 

Ahoy, Catalina! We will be seeing you real soon.
You can check out our last visit to the island, here.


  1. looks like a beautiful place -- I'd love to visit there one day! xo

  2. hi, morgan! where is your darling bag from (are those pompoms!!!) xoxo leslie

    1. Hi Leslie! Those are pom poms you see :) couldn't resist, the tote is from Anthro. ps - I've been meaning to email you! will today xo


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