Sunday, June 2, 2013

take me to toronto

Hey there, TO!

Distillery District (newly dubbed as one of my favorite spots in the city).

Just in time for the green to spring.

Venue Scouting. Toronto had so many cool spaces to choose from. A city that whole-heartedly loves and appreciates great design (my kind of place)! 

Scarpetta for dinner at the Thompson Hotel. Homemade spaghetti, bring it on. 

Can't leave a city before getting my beautiful house-hunting fix. Toronto, I was impressed. Look at these dreamy old-brick homes! A girl can dream.

 48 hours in Toronto. Take me there! Canada has always been such a mystery to me, I have been once before when I was working for Guess? Inc. and we sponsored the Toronto Film Festival. Although, I was working the entire time and more entranced with the film culture and all that was happening in the midst of the festival. This time, I was able to see Toronto's back roads. My kind of travel, finding the gems, hidden spots and going a bit off the beaten track.

I rented a car, and one of our PR representatives from NY came with me to scout locations for a launch party we are throwing in July. We had a few recommendations here and there, but we really did our own research and cruised around by exploring the city to find the perfect place. We wanted not only the space to be right, but the neighborhood, the feeling, and the overall vibe to catch the essence of our message and of course the brand. The trip was a success, in fact we were blown away at all the incredible spaces the city had to offer. Like I said, a city that really values design and authenticity. Between location hunting and several editor appointments, we managed to get lost in a few beautiful local neighborhoods. Rosedale was one. Geeze, I'm still swooning over those charming brick homes and mile long yards. I could honestly go all day.

We couldn't leave Toronto, without an early morning trip to check out Niagara. I mean, you cant go to Ontario and not see that monstrous beauty. Wow! More on the stunning and horrifying falls in my next post...

Hope your weekend was lovely. Welcome to June!


  1. Hi Morgan! Going to Toronto for our honeymoon this summer. What are some must see places from your visit there?!


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