Sunday, June 23, 2013

Summer Invitations DIY

I glued Target wrapping paper inside the envelope, pretty liner to compliment the flowers. Also, you might be wondering if the flowers fit inside the envelope, and yes they do! (Even a little smushed, I think they still look pretty, like big hydrangeas) 

As promised, here are the summer invites I designed for my sister's upcoming bridal shower. And a little step by step guide above, to making the easy-to-create invitations. A bright pop of textured color, is simple enough but still makes a big statement when opening up the invite. And the liner (made from left-over wrapping paper) goes a long way, don't you think? 


  1. Absolutely Love this!! I have a 7 year old and this is a great DIY for her invites to the tons of parties we throw! Thanks and congrats to your sister!


    1. Beautiful.

  2. I love crafting! and that just look amazing!

  3. Love these summer wedding invitations.


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