Sunday, March 17, 2013

Spring Linens - Moroccon Inspiration

I always seem to stick with a white duvet for our bedroom, mostly because I always like to give myself the option of switching up pillows and alternative throws, to give our bed a new look. Lately, I have been in love with morroccan-inspired pillows. 

I love how the above bedroom has all calm neutrals, really playing around with different white textures.  These above pillows from andRuby are really the perfect addition to our bed, adding in that extra texture with the eyelet pillow and a sophisticated touch with the mirrored pillow. (Also, its a huge bonus that the decorative pieces are so affordable) I try to stay budget-cheerful when purchasing pillows because I switch them up so often.

  More inspiration. Moroccan wedding blankets - so amazing!

Again here is the different white textures. The top throw blanket on that bed is from Ikea (we own it!) After checking out andRuby's pillows, Zara Home and West Elm are two great sources of inspiration for Moroccan influenced decor.

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