Friday, March 1, 2013

Happy Friday!

 I am headed back to Amsterdam this weekend for a work trip, we've got some event planning to do. These next couple weeks are going to be crazy, from one place to another - but I am excited to check in with you all and get some of your great recommendations! After the Netherlands, I am headed to Austin, Texas for SXSW also for work.  A city I have never been, but have been dying to check out. I've heard nothing but great things, especially from this Austin local!

Hope you all have beauitful (hopefully) sunny weekend. I'm crossing my fingers for spring tulips and warm bike rides, but I hear its still dumping snow over in Amsterdam!


  1. I LOVED Austin! Went a few years ago for my cousins wedding and fell in love with the city. So many yummy restaurants and so many places to have fun at! Have fun!

    1. I'm so excited! I want some GOOD BBQ while I'm there! Have any spots?

  2. How exciting! Have a great work trip!

  3. so exciting! what do you do for bugaboo? must be a dream to be able to travel for work! my husband is headed to austin right now to work SXSW - wish i could go!! safe travels!


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