Wednesday, March 20, 2013

first day of spring

This photo was taken in Copenhagen, I'd like to try out their spring season :)

The changing of the seasons is when I miss living in New York the most, from winter to spring and summer to fall - aw the best! The whole city has a collective mood change. The sidewalk cafes come out and bike season begins. You pack up your boots (usually a storm too soon) and are so eager to break out the sandals. It really brings true meaning to a spring in your step.

Not that I am whining about Southern California weather, but I will say we just don't appreciate spring like our east coast friends. How do you get a sunshine perk, when there is always sunshine? Southern California's season though is summer. Prime time! That is when Los Angeles really comes alive and people go into full blown beach mode. That is when I was living in New York, and missing my California summers. You just can't ever win.  

Happy Spring!

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  1. I totally agree! I loved living in Idaho for that reason! Yesterday we got our residency match and are moving from Michigan to San Diego-- I'm thrilled. Especially since I can look out my window right now and still see snow and grey skies. :(


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