Monday, February 11, 2013

Hello Monday

This was a little bit of our weekend. Just chill. I wasn't ready for the week to start, wouldn't a work week be perfect if it were 4 days? That 1 extra day makes all the difference.
Mondays are so hard.


  1. with the blizzard weather here on the east coast this looks amazing! i wouldn't mind spending some time out there =)

    1. Ah! I've been thinking of all your east coasters - hope you are staying safe and warm! xx

  2. It looks so good. Here, in Europe it's still cold and awful winter.

  3. Love your blog! It's so great to find other LA based blogettes ;) God bless the beach.

  4. Do you live in Redondo Beach? This is our hometown.. we've been gone nearly two years and moving home in May. I CANT wait! Gorgeous photos.
    My heart is on that beach!


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