Friday, January 25, 2013

The Orangery, London

My in laws recently announced they were planning a spring Europe trip, one stop is London. I started thinking about my time in London and how much I miss that charming city. I thought about my favorite spots there, while studying abroad. Yes, all the sites were incredible but it was those little gems that really made the experience. The Portobello flea market (finding a vintage silk Chanel scarf for 4 pounds!), or my morning runs in hyde park, dying over all the street style (first time I saw skinny jeans on the street - yes this was a while ago), and my absolute favorite place was afternoon tea at The Orangery in Kensington Place. Me and my girlfriends would sit and sip tea and people watch for hours, pretending we were fancy Brits at the Kensington Palace.

 I came across these stunning images taken by Carrie at Wish Wish Wish. She captured the space so beautifully - exactly how I remember it.


  1. I'm so excited you can help me with our itinerary. Hoping you will also help me with my wardrobe. I'm told I can only bring a carry on.....yikes, for two weeks....I don't think so. I really want you to help me find the perfect hat too! You always look so fashionable! :)

  2. This all looks lovely! I'm going to London in 2 months and I cannot wait, I'm definitely going to keep these places you mentioned in mind! :)

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  4. The Orangery was my favorite thing I did on my first trip to London!
    I had a BEAUTIFUL lunch and then wandered the gardens after. I haven't been there since that trip, but hopefully on my next visit to London I make it there again- you've reminded me how much I loved it :)


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