Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Sugar Paper Prints

This weekend I was at the Brentwood Country Mart here in LA. Every time I am there, I can't help but pop into my favorite paperie, Sugar Paper.  Everything in there is so beautiful! I think it even tops my love for Urbanic in Venice Beach. While in the shop I spotted the below city prints for NY and LA. I want to add them to my wall, bc they are not only special cities for me, but they are monumental for us! We got engaged in New York and Los Angeles has been our newly-wed city. Its only fitting that these two prints of two cities that we love, live on our wall!

My inspiration for our future hall way collage...
8X10 city prints, aren't they cute?!

Beware! You will find yourself swooning in this shop for hours.
You can check out more of Sugar Paper online.


  1. Love that first photograph. Your blog design is so cool! I'm jealous



  2. this is my favorite paper store! i love that they have both rifle and their own line! love your blog btw


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