Thursday, January 3, 2013

Reflecting on 2012

 I can't help but be grateful for one of the best years yet of married life. I feel like the first year you are trying to figure it all out and by the second you realize you arent going to and so you just accept the unknown and enjoy the journey. That is one thing about marrying young, you have to figure a lot out together from the beginning, career paths, schooling, where you are going to live, and yet that is part of the beauty of it. We are growing up together. Joel makes a great travel partner, and an even better best friend. We seem to have the same sense of wanderlust, but I knew this when dating. I knew he was a free spirit that would never let life get boring. We really tried to take advantage of this time together. Everyone says that this is such a special time in your life when its just the two of you, and we're working at soaking that up.

I wanted to reflect on our 2012 and share some of the year's highlights together.

 Catalina Weekender - Celebrated 2 years!

Adventures up in Carmel

Family beach time in Laguna Beach

 Enjoying a Santa Monica summer

Camping in Big Sur for my Birthday

Uncle and Auntie time with our twin nephews

Costa Rican getaway

Orange County Fair with Friends

Amsterdam Work Trip 

And wrapped up 2012 by squeezing in a weekend in Prague!

 This next year, I want to focus on simplifying.  Last year was action-packed, from a new apartment to my new job to new travel experiences, but I am now looking for some down time, chilling out and enjoying home (which means more time for blogging). I want to do less eating out (get ready for the recipe posts, I want to start my cooking back up), buying less (DIY projects here I come), and overall less excess in my life. I may have picked up a bit of the dutch minimalism, and agree that this year less is going to be more

Cheers to the new year, a fresh start! 

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