Sunday, January 13, 2013


Christmas market magic in Old Town

Climbed the Astronomical clock tower, beautiful look out

St. Charles Bridge

 Walked up to Prague Castle

John Lennon Wall (so cool!)

 Nutcracker at the National Theatre

 We bought our first piece of art from a gallery (pretty excited about it!!!)

While I was posting photos from Prague on my instagram, a friend left a comment mentioning how the city reminded her of a snow globe at Christmas time. I couldn't agree more. The perfect picturesque Christmas town. It honestly felt like a fairytale straight out of a storybook complete with castles and 600 years of architecture amazingly untouched by war. The Christmas markets in the center of old town just added to the magic. I mentioned I really wanted to visit Germany for the Christmas markets because I had heard they were incredible, so I was glad I got to experience them in Prague. The city completely lit up at night, we just walked the maze of alleyways and cobblestone streets with perma-grins. Joy to the world from Prague!

I'm happy we choose Prague as our weekend destination after my week working in Amsterdam, because it was a completely different experience than the Netherlands. It has always been a city high on my must see list, you really have to pinch yourself when you are there because its hard to believe its real. Prague made Amsterdam feel new in comparison to the history and architecture. I also loved talking with the Czech people, a country that has been through so much over the last century. It was interesting to see how their recent history has shaped the culture into who they are today.  On our last morning, it snowed while we were on the St. Charles Bridge. So dreamy! We couldn't have asked for a more romantic, wintery Christmas together. One we will never forget.


  1. Loving the pic of you jumping!! Great pics!

  2. This looks amazing! I had the amazing opportunity of visiting Prague after my freshman year of college and have always dreamed of returning with my husband, specifically walking along the St. Charles Bridge hand-in-hand. (Cheesy, huh). Looks like a dream!


  3. Great pics!
    Lovely outfits.
    Its really amazing to wear trendy comfort color nice pants with stylish sweatshirt.


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