Thursday, January 17, 2013

Dutch Style

After visiting Amsterdam, I now have a new obsession with Dutch style, which means a new love for Dutch design and fashion blogs. Before visiting when I thought of street style, I instinctively thought Paris, Stockholm, New York and London - but I was blown away with Amsterdam. One of my favorite parts about being out and about was the people watching, or style stalking I should say. Everyone always looked so chic. The girls definitely had their own style, different from the English and the French (more feminine). In the city I saw lots of tennis shoes (I am guessing because of the huge bike culture), their whole vibe is very understated, more minimal, effortless, androgynous and lots of dark muted colors.  How cute is this Dutch blogger below...


  1. Super cool, yeppa! ;) Love Christine!

  2. Such a cutie! You know I'm Dutch, right? ;)

  3. She is gorgeous and I love that she has a few signature pieces that she uses so versatilely! Everyone should have signature pieces.


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