Monday, December 3, 2012

Our Christmas Tree

Tonight we picked out our little table topper. The perfect size for our cozy apartment. 

 Stringing the lights

The Christmas tree is filled with all white dove ornaments (including the tree topper). My middle name is Dove, and ever since I was born my grandma (who shares that middle name with me) would buy me a dove ornament for Christmas, then my mom started gifting them to me and now Joel has carried on the tradition of finding me a dove at Christmas.  I guess you could say its our little peace tree. 

We debated getting a one this year because we are going to be out of town the second half of the month, but I am so glad we caved and picked one out. Walking home, seeing it through the window makes me so happy! You can't pass up some good ole Christmas spirit.


  1. LOVE Christmas and YOU!!!!!!! see you in three weeks xoxo

  2. so sweet. we weren't going to get a tree this year because there really isn't any room. but i think a mini tree like that is just perfect!

  3. So cute! When I was little my mom collected me angel ornaments and every year I had my own angel tree :D

  4. So So Pretty! My mom did the same, love the memories in all of them! So, this might seem a bit off topic, but I have to ask... We just renovated a house here in AZ(blast this still warm weather!) and I have been looking for curtains. Yours look to almost have a subtle pattern...? Would you mind sharing where they are from? I would be so grateful!
    Merry Christmas!

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