Thursday, October 11, 2012

Pumpkin Painting Night

Last week, girlfriends came over to paint some pretty pumpkins. We sprayed, glittered and painted the night away. All supplies I was able to find at Michael's; spray paint, loose glitter, tacky glue spray, chalkboard paint and acrylics for extra detail. My color combo this year was white, black and silver with a variation of silver glitter and silver metallic pumpkins.

Happy Halloween xo


  1. so cute! Such a great idea...I love all the glitter.

  2. I love the bats! So cute! Hope you enjoyed your weekend in AZ! :)

    1. I had such a great time in AZ (still so hot there) we floated the river - Im going to post photos soon xox

  3. I ditto lindsay, love the bats. Where'd you get them diy them? thanks. Love the glittered awsomeness too.

  4. cheeta print pumpkin! awesome! what a fun party idea!

  5. What a cute idea. Everything looks so fab!

  6. a) that striped wall is amazing, b) the polka dot and leopard pumpkins are probably the best things I have seen! c) your table set up is sooo cute!

  7. Sounds like fun! My girlfriends and I did a similar thing. Except instead of doing pumpkins we made fall wreaths. the hostess made pumpkin martinis too. Nothing is better than getting together w/ your girlfriends, making crafts and drinking and eating. Looks like you girls had a great time! :)


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