Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Life in the City

Even though I have lived and visited New York many times, this past trip was an inspiring one for me! Now working for Bugaboo, I was able to see the city in a completely new light. I was able to connect with NY mothers that thrive off of being in a cultural mecca while raising young children.

There are many, myself included, that would think running around the bustling city toting children and strollers up and down subway stairs sounds like a lot of work, although I must give these moms some major props because there are no other kids in the world that get to have recess in central park or field trips to the met. It was so inspiring to see all the opportunity and endless activities New York offers mothers. I came home gushing to my husband, all the reasons why we have to raise our future kids in New York City, ha! He was easy to convince. 

On my last night I had dinner with an old friend from college, who is now living in NY with her husband and baby twins. I asked her, "How do you live in NY with two 6 month babies?" She responded simply by saying "How do I not?" I love her spirit and now couldn't agree more. Thats one thing I love about great cities, they teach you something new each time you go by being able to experience the city through so many eyes.


  1. I have always been "amazed" by parents raising kids in a busy city like that. I have a friend who lived there for a couple years with a baby and I couldn't stop asking questions about how she did it?! After talking about it with her I was convinced we should move there too with our kids! Loved reading your post. ;-)

    1. Dana, its so true! Its amazing how many things the city provides at there finger tips. And, what an experience! thanks for your comment xo

  2. Love your blog- long time reader- first time commenter. ;) I'm going to New York for the first time next week with my hubs. He'll be working, I'll be exploring. What are the must see/do's? I'm an "explore off the beaten path" type of girl and you seem to be someone similar- where would you suggest a NY newbie visit? Great shopping? Quaint stores? Fabulous eats? I'm there a limited time (like 3 days). Any suggestions would be mahvelous!

    1. Shan - So excited for you. Get ready to fall in love :)3 days is doable, just enjoy no need to pack everything in - you'll be back again!

      My favorite casual restaurants - Westville (West Village), Shake Shack (best burgers, outdoors on 23rd street)

      Nice dinners - ABC Kitchen (amazing, must go) Freemans, Pastis for brunch, Spotted Pig, Little Owl (I love being downtown- Great boutique shopping is in Soho ahh the list could go on. Have so much fun xox


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