Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Brooklyn, Take Me Home

Back in the NY groove! I'm New York bound this morning for work. We are working on a cool project in Brooklyn, my old stomping grounds!

 I loved living in the charming little borough. My apartment (in Cobble Hill) was only two subway stops from Manhattan, but still felt removed enough to rejuvenate from the city. The first time I lived in NY when I was interning at ELLE, I lived on the Upper West Side of Manhattan.  I would have to say I enjoyed my Brooklyn location better and felt closer to downtown. Although, I always tell my husband if we were to ever move back it would have to be to the West Village :)

 Can't wait to share photos of my old neighborhood when I return! xo


  1. Heyy i been a fan of you since your laguna days! i wanted to say that i felt that the rest of the group back then were unfair to you. But now, you're doing better than the rest of them. i saw 2 of them in a low budget straight to dvd film. Only probably three made it into the industry. Overall, you have the gorgeous husband, a good job and you travel to the most beautiful places. im so jealous!

    1. Stephanie, your so sweet. So nice to say those things :) That industry isn't for everyone. I think they are doing great, too!

  2. Yea, im assuming that youre a native of california right? because i know some of the laguna cast came from different areas. I'm a college student majoring in public relations/communications. i want to work in southern california so badly. i fell in love with santa barbara when i saw the pics. Im a native New Yorker and the winter isnt my thing! would you recommend southern california? i never been there. BUT i love what i see on tv and commercials!


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