Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Grey + White Baby Shower

On Saturday, we got to shower the beautiful mama-to-be, Annie! I had such a great time planning and throwing this baby shower. I would love to share some photos, if you would like to see...


For the menu, we did market-style seasonal salads. I had three girls bring a different salad and I made the caprese bites as an appetizer with glitter flags to spruce them up.  I loved what everyone came up with, from a green summer berry salad, to quinoa with edamame and a balsamic pasta salad with arugula and tomatoes. Everything tasted so fresh and light, perfect for summer.



For the game, since Annie hasn't picked a baby name yet, we thought we would help her :)  I gave all the girls paper and in 2 minutes with the letters in Annie's Husbands full name and her full name, they have to come up with as many names as they could.  The two winners were awarded with the DVD's "Baby Mama" (hilarious) and of course, "Father of the Bride II" (my all time)


For dessert, in spirit of summer around the corner, I created a sorbet bar. I made homemade strawberry, mango, lemon sorbets and vanilla ice cream.  For the toppings, I just had fresh berries.

These are my little party favors, filled with candy. I found the bags at Urbanic and the glitter tape at Paper Source.

I loved celebrating this glowing prego mama! Can't wait to meet baby boy in August.

If you would like to see my mood board for this event, check here.


  1. Morgan, I loved every single idea...and to say you are talented...well that's an understatement!
    Looks like you all had a fun, baby boy, summer inspired baby shower.

  2. Darling, Morgan! And I love the idea of homemade sorbet!

  3. You are adorable. How do you even do it all. Amazing.

  4. Oh MY gosh!! what a spectacular event! I am uber impressed with your skills! Your friends are so lucky...

  5. it was even better in person!!! #detailedperfection

  6. You did a fabulous job! I love the sorbet bar! Great idea.

  7. a dream shower honestly... Morgan is a complete PRO at this party stuff. Her DIY skills are unreal, and her little personal touches were perfect. I feel so lucky to have such a talented and inspiring friend! Luv u Morgs!

  8. Morgan, this baby shower spread is GORGE. Nicely done lady! Hope you're well. :)


  9. LOVE everything about this....absolutely darling! I had to steal your idea of an ice cream party for Coco's 1st bday. Thanks for the inspiration. Cant wait to see you at the end of the month hopefully! :)


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