Monday, May 21, 2012

Welcome Back

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend. We went car shopping in Santa Monica, we are looking for something gas friendly since we are such commuters here in LA. We went and test drove the Fiat, it was a no go. Joel's knees hit the dash and his head poked out the sun roof, ha!
Next up, mini cooper...


  1. We just bought a Honda Civic Natural Gas. We are spending like $150/month now in natural gas (husband commutes from Santa Monica to Anaheim daily) instead of $600 on regular. Kind of awesome. There are plenty of stations in the LA/OC area. We had to go to Phoenix to buy ours, though, because LA dealers have wait lists.

    1. No way! That is so good to know! Love that we are neighbors :)

  2. Oh, I know this is late, but I have to agree with Tammy - I own a Honda Fit (they're called a Honda Jazz here in Australia) and I'm so happy with it! I drive to work every day and it's really economical, small enough for city driving, and powerful enough to go on a road trip. They also have crazy big boot space when you fold down the seats at the back (I actually have a pic of mine on the last post I did on my blog where I fit six chairs in the back of mine!) and they have high ceilings (my 6 ft 6 brother in law can comfortably fit in it. I know I sound like I work for Honda, but I just really love my little Jazz/Fit! haha x


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