Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Santa Barbara Roadtrip

Welcome back from a long weekend! Hope your enjoyed your Memorial Day. The weather was pure bliss here in Southern California, blue skies all around. We jumped on the 101 and ended up in Santa Barbara this weekend...

Growing up in Orange County the easy getaways were San Diego, LA and Palm Springs, so I never really got to know Santa Barbara. Even though I have been in love with the idea of Santa Barbara since the movie It's Complicated, this weekend only confirmed that love. I am a huge fan of beach country, which is why I love the east coast so much. Living on the water but still having all that room for big yards and overgrown trees. Laguna Beach, where I grew up, doesn't get that. It's beautiful but  compact, and there really is no such thing as a backyard. 

Although, both cities have that Mediterranean feel with houses climbing up over the cliffs looking down into the water.  I love Santa Barbara's old Spanish feel, the streets feel like your in a different country. Joel and I stopped off at Panino, a recommendation by my SB local, Pearl and walked around downtown on State Street. Then, we headed north 20 miles outside the city for some blueberry picking, more photos on the farm soon!


  1. Love the pics....love following your adventures!

  2. I love Santa Barbara and blueberiies :)

  3. I love Santa Barbara. I live in L.A so every summer me, my sister, and two of my favorite cousins take a road trip to Santa Barbara and enjoy ourselves at downtown state street (they have it all there). I lived in San Diego (10 Minutes from the beach) for part of my childhood so I now how good it feels going back to beach county.

  4. Liked your post but wish there was at least ONE pic you!!! ;) Pretty town

  5. i went to UCSB and also would have recommended Panino. your local is a good one!


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