Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Big Color for Small Spaces (Revisited)


 I previously posted about our need to fill the blank walls at our apartment. I was looking for big color in a small space. I am thrilled to say, thanks to Molly Alone creating us a custom piece, we now have a beautiful painting for our home! I just love the soft palette and rich strokes, so soothing with the grey wall in our bedroom and yet I also love the colors paired with the stripe wall in our dining room. I'm excited to share more photos soon on where we decide to display...

 Molly took inspiration from the above photo (taken in Cape Elizabeth, Maine during our engagement) which makes the beautiful piece even more meaningful. A custom painting would make such a thoughtful wedding gift or even so sweet for a baby's nursery. Check out more of her talented work here!


  1. What a beautiful Painting!!! I love all the colors and it would look great in so many rooms in your cute place. Gorgeous!

  2. thanks for the post, Morgan! it looks great :)

  3. Morgan, I love this! Such an incredible piece and so sweet that it was inspired by such a lovely memory.

  4. This is beautiful! I'm bookmarking her!
    Also, Morgan I have to tell you that I discovered your blog about 2 weeks ago, read the whole thing in one weekend and now check back here every day! I love your style (and your gorgeous wedding photos!).

  5. Love this! Big color in small spaces really makes a difference and adds so much personality to a room.


  6. super cute photos!


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