Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Hawaiian Getaway

Jumped the rock at Waimea

Hiked to Sacred Falls

Mopeded around the east side

Took a dip with sharks

Picture overload! What's better than being in paradise with your favorite people? Even if it was only for 5 days, we really soaked this one up. I hadn't been back to Hawaii since I did a semester in Laie my freshman year of college (7 years ago) and Joel had never been to Oahu so we wanted to show him the island. We broke up the trip, visiting my little sister on the rural North Shore and hit up the local spots, then stayed with older my sister in Honolulu and ended the trip at the Moana Surfrider on the Waikiki strip for a couple nights. Heaven.

As much as I'm a big fan of cultural traveling and trips off the beaten track, I've realized that sometimes its just nice to be a full blown tourist and live the American dream at a packed resort in good ole Waikiki. I was able to read book one + two of the Hunger Games, catch up with my sisters and have plenty of pina coladas. 
Take me back! 


  1. These pics are all so good! I miss you guys! Much mahalos for coming


  2. Wow, looks like a fantastic trip. I'm with Riley, your pictures were gorgeous. So glad you both got away and got some much needed R & R with each other and your darling sisters! Nothing better! xoxo

  3. so crazy. I was there the same time and pretty sure we were at the coffee shop at the Moana at the same time you guys were one morning. small, small world. fab pictures!

  4. Lovely pictures! Glad you had a wonderful trip! You two look beautiful.


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