Friday, April 13, 2012

Hip Mom, Miranda Kerr

All I've got to say is that Miranda Kerr has some serious mom style. Whether she is sporting the heels or just going for the flats, she get's it right every time. I have found myself repinning so many of her looks lately, she always seems to look so polished and pull together, even while (or I should say ESPECIALLY while) toting her baby boy!


  1. I love Miranda Kerr! I am pretty sure she was discovered in a mall when she was about 15 or 16 when she entered the Dolly magazine model search. (Dolly is a teen mag in auz and nz, not sure if you have it there?) Anyway I think she is fabulous....and she married Orlando Bloom!

  2. oh just had to google it...she was 13!!

    1. Crazy! Yes, she has such a young, fresh face. such a babe!

  3. babe! sounds like someone's getting baby hungry!!!.......


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