Monday, January 2, 2012

Polaroid Calendar of 2011

January -
New job in Special Events/PR at Guess? Inc.
February -

March - 
Flea Market Spring Finds
April - 
Grammie Visit to Utah
May -
Went to Paris, first time together
 June -
Became uncle and auntie to twins
Spent some sister time in Santa Monica
July -
Lasik Eye Surgery
August -
Best friend's wedding
September -
Big Month, One year Anniversary in NY

Eating our wedding cake
Joel's 28th Birthday in Catalina

 October -
Mrs. Hannegan & Charlie Chaplin 

Joel planned my Birthday at Cafe Habana
 And a roadtrip to San Francisco 
 December -
Moved to a one bedroom (down the street)
Home for the Holidays

Great to reflect back on an eventful year, and be grateful for our blessings. Of course, these are the highlights and there were also a lot of lessons to be learned in a year with a new job and new marriage. Excited to grow and see what 2012 has in store.

Cheers to a New Year!


  1. Wow!!! you did have an awesome year I forgot all of that was just in 2011!! CHEERS 2012!!!!!!!

  2. Your red polka-dot apron is adorable.
    Looks like a fun year :)

  3. and we are soooo happy we met you two fun peeps this year! {it's all about the people, not the place- although the place ain't soo bad! :)} xo

  4. LOVED looking back on the year thru this post! HERE'S TO 2012!!

  5. You look gorgeous as always! Love the year recap, it's a good idea!

  6. Best post yet! Love this Morg ! xx

  7. Love the look of all your photographs


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