Friday, January 27, 2012

Los Angeles Symphony

(Please excuse the poor quality photos, I could only sneak my iphone in my clutch)

Why don't we take advantage of these cultural activities more often? Last night was our date night at the LA Philharmonic Orchestra.  Gustavo Dudamel (dynamic mad scientist-type) is currently conducting Gustav Mahler’s nine symphonies to honor the 100th anniversary of the legendary Austrian composer. Joel's flutist friend, Engel, is in town from Venezuela to play in the orchestra, so we had to go check him out.
Even though this is a world I'm not familiar with, and it's hard for me to understand what makes a C minor emotional - I was pleasantly surprised how much I enjoyed it! For the first time, I wasn't moving in my seat and taking bathroom breaks, the time went by fast and I felt myself in this trance and having some clear thoughts. Maybe I am growing up?  Makes me think about what they say about children listening to classical music while doing their homework, there may be something to that!
(I think I'm now totally going to be that mom)


  1. I've always wanted to go there. I'm just nervous I won't like or appreciate it.


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