Thursday, January 5, 2012

First Down, Many to Go!

I've been carefully crafting up my new year's resolutions, making sure they are ambitious enough but still maintainable. Right now, I'm still on #1 - Get to Greece. Some how, some way! We've got to save up all our pennies and pull off a summer trip. Its my dream location. The beaches, the architecture, the history, the food, the vibes, the culture in general. Yes, please!

The trips seems some what doable, thanks to inspiration from Oh Happy Day.

Whats your dream 2012 destination?


  1. what isn't my dream destination for 2012? i want to go everywhere! but THAILAND is probably at the top of my list. somehow, as newlyweds, i don't think this will be happening. not this year anyway. someday, right! but, i have hopes for you. greece is amazing & i know you will love it. xx

  2. great resolution! we're heading to Santorini in June for a week! I absolutely can't wait - it's our dream destination too, and we're going all out :) hope it woks out for you guys!

  3. Kate Beth - Newly weds! These are the times to splurge and go before the babies come :)

    Liz - Cant wait to see your pics! We are thinking Italy one week and Greece the second, so ill be taking notes on your agenda!


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