Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Bloggin' it Up.

I think I have referenced that I work for Guess? Inc. at the headquarters in Los Angeles, and the past year I have been doing PR and Special Events for the company. Well, as of October – they asked if I would help create the (much needed) Guess by Marciano blog that will launch in Feb. I accepted, as this is a perfect fit for me. Although, as much as I love blogging, design, type, photos and fashion...I really need to brush up on my skills!

So, I am excited to say that I’m taking Design Love Fest's blogshop class at the end of this month.
  How cute does it look? Excited to share some new tricks!


  1. wow. so very jealous! i would LOVE to take that class. i am sure you will learn a ton. i'm attending alt this weekend in slc & am hoping to meet the one and only bri. aaand i'm excited for the new guess blog launch. i'm sure it will be fabulous! xx

  2. i hope you love Blogshop (I've been crossing my fingers that she comes to Detroit soon)! I can't wait to check out the Guess blog! I think you'll do great :) - Molly

  3. So excited for you Morgan! Can't wait to hear what you learn!

  4. Oh Design Love Shop sounds like it's going to be incredible! :)
    Have fun and let us know how it goes.. I'd love to sign up in the future

  5. Hi, I stumbled upon your blog, bc we actually have some mutual fb friends... (my fb name is Mark N Janean Davis).. Can I just say, that I loooove your blog. So chic and stylish. Just wanted to say Im your newest follower!
    XOXO janean


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