Friday, December 16, 2011

Happy Friday!

This weekend will be a whole lot of unpacking and moving, as we get situated in our new little pad. I actually am one of those people that loves change and moving, a fresh start!  I love cleaning out, reorganizing, and best of all redecorating.

First comes first, hunting down the right capiz shell chandelier over our dining room table. There is a pretty good one (in white) at PB teen, and when the teen collection is a quarter of the price, I'll be a teen any day :)

Wishing you all a cozy, festive weekend!


  1. wouldn't we all love a capiz chandelier? prettiest things ever. my good friend in my design program made one out of wax paper circles that looks like capiz unless you are less than 6 inches away. she made it for $12! and it seriously looks like the real deal!

    love your chairs, btw. good luck with the rest of your move!

  2. hi morgy! if you want to make your chandelier here's a tutorial i did and it looks really good. just in case you want to save the money..

  3. oh, I love that dining room! especially the striped curtains. And I'll have to checking out that chandelier tutorial :)

  4. Ohh love all these suggestions, and the posted link! Im on it...crafting day this holiday break!


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