Thursday, December 29, 2011

Christmas Eve.

We spent Christmas Eve with my side of the family, although were missing my older sis (Hawaii). My mom decided to forgo cooking the big meal, and made us a reservation at Five Crowns. I have a lot of old memories at the legendary restaurant, reminds me of my Grammie. We listened to christmas carolers and ate delicious prime rib.

After dinner, we went back to my parent's for a nativity reading and christmas games. 
We were so happy to spend the holiday with family!


  1. Your family is ADORABLE! Loving the suspenders... Can't wait to see you guys again soon! xxxoooxo

  2. That telephone booth is so cool! I've always thought it would be amazing to have one in the office!
    Hope you have a good New Year!


  3. Looks like everyone had a wonderful time. Beautiful family!

  4. so fun! love your dress! whats your motto for 2012?? you're doing really good so far if its "be super pretty everyday 2012"!

  5. What wonderful family time we had. So festive. Wish Shannon was there. Happy 2012 xxoo, Mom

  6. Awww. This post totally made me miss So Cal. I haven't been to Five Crowns in forever.


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