Monday, December 12, 2011

Art Basel: Miami Beach

I've been so overdue on a post. I guess it's been one of those things, where there is so much to update that it just seems overwhelming. I would love to start where I left off, and share some photos of our Miami work trip during Art Basel.

Elle Magazine just launched their first spa, located in the Eden Roc Hotel in Miami. It is the most beautifully decorated space, with a greco-inspired interior.  Guess by Marciano partnered with Elle to host a spa day for our top customers. Not a bad day in the office for me.

C. Madeleines. The most amazing vintage store I have ever been to. I stopped by thanks to some expert advice left by blogger, Bonaventure.

(Exhausted with Pearl, we spent over 2 hours digging around for treasures)


It was a busy work week, with three events, several store visits, and plenty of market research. Although, I did managed to squeeze some time in, to dip my feet in the Caribbean sea!


  1. How FUN!!!!!!!! whoa you look really good and really tan in all these!!!!! Can't wait to see you eeeeek

  2. daannng, bootilicious in the red dress. STUNNING- and it looks like you are carrying a birkin- WHAT IS THAT THING? Elle spa looks amazing. Terrific.
    you are a piece of art, in front of the piece of art.

  3. SO JEALOUS! Amazing photos. Gimme that tiger rug!
    Looks like you had a blast.


  4. I can't help but feel a little jealous every time I read about your work adventures. no doubt there is probably a tonnnn of stress and work that leads up to these events, but so awesome that you get to enjoy them as well!!

  5. 1. I'm loving your Sartorialist-worthy, red dress shot. Perfection.
    2. I'm so happy you loved C. Madeleine's- it is just stuffed to the brim, isn't it?
    3. Thank you for linking my blog. You are so thoughtful! That last beach picture made me wax nostalgic- so glad you got to dip your feet in!

  6. I want your job !! It looks like too much fun to be called work :) Wanna trade?


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