Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Gettin' your Greens.

We've been on a juice kick lately. A new juicery/cafe called Kreation, opened up down the street from us on Montana. They are certified green and organic by city of Santa Monica.  I've been feeling so renewed and energized after every time I stop in. My current recommendation is one of the healthy concoctions packed with antioxidant-heavy acaiberry.Gives your day a real kick.

I'm now thinking about doing a cleanse with their juice plan. I might start with 3-4 days, don't know if I can jump into a 7 day cleanse. 

Have you cleansed before? Do you feel better after, or just tried and irritable?
I would love suggestions!


  1. Acai berry definitely gives me an energy kick too. I take Acai Berry Extract as a supplement, I bet I could put it in a smoothie though.
    loving the length of your skirt by the way!


  2. i had a green machine yesterday (which i know doesn't compare to a fresh blend) but it felt good. especially after all that candy. love that skirt. anthro?
    love it.


  3. I swear I overdosed trying to do the cleanse. Go into it slowly girl! Love the picture!

  4. i have wanted to do a juice fast before but i never have! i have yet to find a good one that seems safe

  5. so curious about the cleanse. have read about them, but don't think i could handle it. let me know how it goes!

  6. Let us know how the cleanse goes if you do one... i have been to nervous to attempt. I feel like it's not really good for you??

  7. I'm pretty sure your outfit and bod look a lot better than that juice you be holdin...

  8. do juice cleanse 1-2 days then do raw food cleanse suppose to be the best for you for 1 week

  9. I did juice fasting one time with no solids. The results of clearing the system were crazy. Read up on it. It's not associated with a particular brand nor do you buy into anything. There is a rubric or what to drink and if it gets too aggressive as far as the cleanse goes maybe a little bit of banana to slow things down. Good luck!


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