Tuesday, August 30, 2011

And Now, the Highlights

September is around the corner, which means fashion event's are in full throttle. Let them begin! I wanted to share some photos of the our Chari-T shopping event we had on Saturday at the Beverly Center in Los Angeles. It was so fun to do a younger demo event, and incorporate teen themes, we had a such great time working with Teen Vogue

It was a great turn out, loved having the surprise visitors, including this one and of course the family support!


  1. looks amazing! always livin the dream!

  2. The photo booth was very cool..Is that IZZE drink good? I may have to give it a try. Job well done!

  3. the events look fabulous. i'd love to get up there for one at some point in my young life.

  4. Oh..MY god pleeease tell me where you guys got or made that MINI cotton candy. Is that what that first photo is??? I am DYING. I love cotton candy so much- it's like my favorite party food- and I would kill to have mini versions at a future party. Have to know the details!!!

  5. I love these photos! This looks like such a great event down to the smallest details.


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