Monday, August 1, 2011

Crazy Stupid Love.

On Friday night, Joel and I saw Crazy Stupid Love and laughed so hard. I feel like lately Emma
Stone is everywhere, and oh so cute!

I love that she is a girl with my faces.
So versatile, that Emma.


  1. Emma Stone is my celebrity girl crush! I just finished reading The Help and can't wait to see her in the movie! But of course I first need to get my tushy to see Crazy Stupid Love. :]

  2. SHe is amazing, I lover her and loved her in Crazy Stupid Love too. I can't get enough of everything about that bottom shot of her - she looks amazing!

  3. Saw it and LOVED it as well! Emma Stone is definitely a fav right now! And HELLO Ryan Gosling! ;)

  4. I love Emma Stone! I think she is gorgeous and hilarious! She was just as hilarious in her tiny role in Friends with Benefits!

  5. All right, I can't help but ask....
    I am crazy or were you on Laguna Beach? hehe.. I used to watch that show a lot when I was younger because I'm from the OC ;) (I would have posted this somewhere private but I couldn't find your email address)

    Love your blog :)



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