Thursday, August 4, 2011

City of Angels

Lately we have been really loving Los Angeles. Growing up so close, I didn't give the city enough credit. I felt like it was too familiar, although now living here I really love discovering all that it has to offer.  Especially in the summer time, when you really remember why you live at the beach.

After work, we've been heading down to the beach for walks, dinner picnics, and people watching. 
My favorite time of the day.



  1. aah this looks amazing! I hope we can both live in Santa Monica together at some point in our lives. It looks soo fun! Maybe next summer! You guys look so happy and you are always doing the funnest stuff! XO!

  2. Cute pictures!! I love visiting LA. Always something fun to do. Sounds like you guys have been having the most perfect summer nights! =)

  3. my fiance and i live in Thousand Oaks, like 25 mins from the beach...we havent gone once this summer. fail! bret and i work together but 2 days a week after work he has rugby, and the other 3 days a week I nanny after work, so our evenings are all separate :( I would do anything to be able to go down to the beach together and walk around and picnic!

  4. I'm the same with Libby up there. I live inland San Diego and have yet to make it to the beach. Thank goodness I've convinced the boyfriend to at least look and consider beach living when our current lease is up. I miss the smell of the ocean.

  5. you guys are too cute! excited for tomorrow!


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