Friday, July 29, 2011

Happy Friday!

Today, I cant stop missing Paris, especially after Stacey's post at Love and Photographs.
The most magical city in the world. I love that I was able to experience the city with girlfriends, along with my love. I love making new connections with a city in totally different ways. It’s great how the people you travel with can change your experience, and make you see the same place in a new light.

Paris, like New York, is one of those cities that will always hold a place in my heart. 
Do you have a city like that?


  1. Ah man...let's go back, us three, with our men! How fun would that be?? Miss you!

  2. I haven't travelled overseas or anywhere in the US that can be deemed as "magical" but I definitely have a city where my connection with it has changed because of who I have been there with... Las Vegas. I guess can be considered magical in its own bright lights, big money, house music, delicious food kind of way. :]

  3. Olivia - I feel ya! Vegas is one of my favorites and definitely has the magic :) Also, I get the same feelings about my college town in Utah, every time i go back its just dear to my heart. great memories :)


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