Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Get Bumby'd!

Have you met the Bumbys? The latest and greatest form of popular entertainment. It's two people, Jill and Gill Bumby that dress in disguise and give you an honest and fair appraisal of yourself. They come up with witty and clever description of their first impression of you. They also give you a number rating and they have the longest line in the room. People so eager to get judged on their appearance!  

We had them at our 5th Ave Grand Opening event with Vanity Fair as well as our 3rd St Promenade event with the MOCA Museum in Santa Monica. They are the hit of every party!

You may have seen them at Sundance, Madewell's opening, and  New York Fashion week. 
Meet the Bumbys!


  1. Fascinating! I am so intrigued I just spent the last half hour reading articles on them. So rad.

  2. Isnt it such a cool idea? I love this kind of stuff! Joel makes fun of me that I will pay $5 dollars at the fair to have them tell me the personality of my signature. Ha!

  3. That is hilarious and potentially a little scary. How accurate are they? Did you try it??

  4. Becs- Its just funny and witty - and flattering! I think everyone scores above a 9!

  5. Hahaha I so would pay $5 for this! So cool and interesting!


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