Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Friendship Bracelets.

 I need your creative braiding juices. We are throwing an in-store event with Teen Vogue, and I want to use a DIY element. Since we are aiming at Teen Vogue readers, we thought friendship bracelets would be a great fit! I think the classic ones with the chevron pattern thread will take too long for an in-store event, although I love the below ones from Honestly WTF.

Do you have a favorite, fast way of threading?

Also, love these and these!

(photos by Honestly WTF)


  1. i love the ones with the gold beading attached! I never knew they were so easy to make, either! When I was little we always just did 3 colors, 2 pieces each color(6 strands total, grouping the like colors together. if you want it thicker, 3 pieces each), and braided them.

  2. Thanks Libby! Thats a good idea, and maybe just two strands since the project has to be quicker! love that.

  3. Hi Morgan...I don't know you *too well. Just a little bit when you worked at Soel Boutique! Anyways just wanted to say I *love your blog! (Just like everyone else I am sure!) Wishing I still lived in Santa Barbara but until then, living vicariously through your California fun!

  4. It's absolutely gorgeous! I would LOVE to see a tutorial of this... hint hint ;)

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