Friday, June 10, 2011

Summer Summer Summer.

It's here! My favorite season, when everyone looks better and feels better. We took a bike ride last night, the kiddies are out of school, the tourism is getting heavy and summer has arrived!

After being together over three years, Joel and I have yet to enjoy a whole summer together in California - this season we're going to soak it up!  We're excited to be living at the beach this summer, so we decided to create our to do list. Come visit and check it off with us!

- Live on our bikes
-Angel's games in Anaheim
- White water river raft Kern River
- Beach with a good read
- Morning jogs on the boardwalk
- Enroll in a summer school class 
- BBQ often on our rooftop
- Become better tennis players
- Concerts on the lawn at Irvine Meadows
-Road trip up to Big Sur, check out the surf (Joel)

For all you Southern Californians out there, what am I missing?


  1. You live in LA girl! Forget the Angels, go to Dodger games. AND.. why shlep to Verizon (although it holds a dear place in my heart) HELLO... SUMMER PICNIC BASKET AT THE HOLLYWOOD BOWL?!

  2. What was I thinking? Of course Hollywood bowl! Such great memories on the Lawn at Irvine Meadows though- so summery.

    Dodgers Games kinda scare me- Die hard fans! I just go for the hot dog and experience :)

  3. I want to join!!!!! See you guys soon!!!!!!!

  4. I like #8 on your list :) If you ever need any help or tips let me know!!

  5. Please reserve a weekend in August and come down to Del Mar for the horse races!


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