Thursday, June 2, 2011

Paris in Polaroids

 The Parisians seem to have it figured out when it comes to enjoying life. They live true to the words, "Time you enjoy wasting, is not wasted time." They sit at cafes for hours on end, with nothing but an espresso in front of them. They have absolutely no where to be, nothing to rush, they just sit and soak up the spring. So in spirit of the French, we did a lot of that. We contemplated heading to Mont St. Michel and even catching a plane to Rome but chose to soak up the city and live like a Parisian instead.

Taking it slow was a new experience for me, since I had only been to Europe once before on study abroad, which was such a go go go experience.  This time around, I loved getting friend's suggestions and also our Luxe guide helped a ton. Its not your typical lonely planet, its sassy and forward and takes you off the beaten track. I also used Luxe when I was in Bangkok, and was obsessed with all the local spots it suggested.


Cafe Constant - time of our life

Treasure hunt at the Flea Market

Eiffel Look Out

 Got to steal my sis away from her study abroad for a night.

Poilane Bakery- where Julia Child learned her skills

Chateaux de Loire 
Berthillion Ice cream- simply the best!

There is nothing better to me than exploring a beautiful place with people I love.  We got to hang out with Noelle and Matt, our British couple crush.  Thanks to Noelle for showing us the best eats, not to mention where Posh and Beckham dine.  I loved our long dinners with great conversation, one of my favorite things to do when traveling.  Joel and I were brainstorming all the way home how we could manage getting out of work and extending our vacay over to London. Another trip, another adventure. As for Paris, je t'amie! 


  1. love love LOVE you guys in Paris!!!!!!

    and paris.
    how did you get them to polaroid? so cute.

    and obvi, you look fab.

  3. gorgeous pictures! how did u get them to look like that? is that a special camera setting?

  4. love these! amazing. your outfits are all gorgeous. your hat, scarves ah everything. love how you and joel travel the world!

  5. wow! you both look stunning! Cant wait to follow your footsteps! Looks absolutely magic!

  6. your outfits are perfect- you totally look the a parisian (is that a word?)! i hate packing for trips because you want to fit the part and not look touristy, but you also want to be comfortable. nice work.

  7. Glad you had a blast! I see you stopped at Princesse Tam Tam (Ile St-Louis pic)- That was a must-shop for me, too!

  8. Amanda- LOVE me some Princess tam tam. That will be a whole other post ; Such beautiful things. I bought my first high- wasited swim suit, bah!

    Chelsea- your so nice! I actually brought a bunch of heels/wedges but of course didnt managed to bust them out, too much walking! comfort has to play a role.

  9. Please post where you got that beautiful red/orange bag. Love it!

  10. Great pictures! Can't wait to get all the details this week-end!

  11. Love your chic style against the Parisian backdrop

  12. you just KILLED me. Remember last time we were there? Together? I think im going to dig up those old pics and blog them, just to pretend like im there. i love these, mo. Lucky lovers, you.

  13. Adorable. All of them.

    And I'm totally jealous. I'm ready for my trip back. Maybe we should get a few/a lot of our study abroad people and head back to London town. Thank about it. I'm sure Nicole would LOVE to come with.

  14. we went to paris this last summer and those pictures literally made me groan out of jealousy. i even had my man come over to the computer and look through your pictures with me. ope, creepy. but it made us reminisce. your pictures are beautiful and you guys are quite a hot couple. just sayin.

  15. Sarah- The orangey red Bag is from H&M (im normal not into the idea of fake leather, but this is a good one, and the orange makes it fun)

    Melissa- not creepy at all, that is so me, I totally make Joel come and check everything out! Have you posted your Paris pics? I want to see them! so magical.


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