Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Last Christmas, I got Joel a gift certificate to drive 20 laps in a NASCAR race car, around the Toyota Speedway. He had never expressed any interest before in race cars, or the nascar culture, I guess I just thought isn’t that every guy's secret fantasty to ride in a NASCAR? The Bride to be, Christina, gave me the idea since she bought one for her fiance. This weekend, we redeemed the race pass.

Turns out he found his life long passion. Lapping everyone 5 times around the track, the grand stand viewers were cheering him on and yelling his car number. I never realized he had it in him- quite the show off! When he got out the car, a bunch of little kids went running over to him, high fiving him. Joel was loving it, telling all the kids to stay in school. Ha! I hope I earned some brownie points for next Christmas.

We kept our eyes peeled for Emily and Ricky Tick, but no luck. Maybe next time…


  1. you are the best wife, and such a beauty. i need to do this for dane, he would jut love it.

  2. First of all this is the BEST Christmas gift EVER, especially for your hub. Second, your hair is so long and gorgeous. Love it! Let me know your next free weekend and I'll drive up! bisous


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