Sunday, June 5, 2011

Camping in Normandy.

While in Paris, we stayed with our French friend, Ludovic, who we met in Peru two years ago. He has been insisting for us to come visit, and of course we couldn't help but take him up on his offer.  As luck would have it, we were in town during his business school's graduation soiree at their home in Normandy. 
Ludo arranged a carpool for us and everything, so after a 3 hour drive to the Mama Mia soundtrack mixed with some Beach Boys, we arrived at the beautiful, historic Normandy. 

Joel and I managed to snag a room inside, and opted out on the camping- just a tad too windy!

The property was pretty remarkable.  Ludo filled us in on the history of the 4-5 houses, that had been invaded by the Germans twice, both in WWI and WWII. The small little "pool house"above was actually the Belgium headquarters during WWI. 

The only way to really describe this get-together for Americans - Halloween meets French frat party. The event had a couples costume theme, and we showed up empty handed, which was a big no no. Joel and I were rummaging through the house trying to come up with something, anything! We found some aprons in the kitchen and made chef hats out of paper, and with my eyeliner drew on mustaches. Voila...Ratatouille! (Turns out the humor doesn't quite translate, and we ended up offending some people who belong to the culinary school. We ended up having to take the "Toc" hats off and hand them over) Besides the cultural mishap, we had a blast blending with the locals! 

  Lumber Jack + Chef

I wish we could have made it out to the D-Day beaches, so much to see in so little time. Although, it was such a fun experience to hang with our Parisian peers and really dive into the culture!


  1. love this!! kind of funny the whole chef thing didn't translate. oh goodness.
    also loved your 'paris in polaroids.' we will be needing to join you on an adventure soon!!

  2. Such a crake up, but loved those are the memories you remember and love!


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