Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Lately, I’ve been really craving some travel. I don’t know what is it about me, if I sit in a certain spot too long I just need change, something to spark my senses!  I feel like I have my clearest thoughts when aboard and out of my comfort zone and able to see a larger perspective on things, and life in general. My Grammie and Pop-pop who spent the last six years in Zimbabwe, Cambodia, and Colombia say its in the blood…whatever it is, Im so glad we have a trip coming up because its all I can really think about lately.

  High on my “must see” list is…South Africa, Croatia/Turkey, Argentina/Brazil, Israel and CUBA! (How cool would Cuba be?  So nostolgic like your trapped in time, I've heard you can take a ferry from Cancun...hmm? ) 

Where are places you want to travel? I’d love some inspiration and insight into new places!


  1. count me in on your trip to croatia!!!

  2. south africa is a MUST SEE. contact me if you ever book a trip there. :)

  3. my cousin lives in South Africa and it looks amazing but...it is very dangerous and poor. its heartbreaking how dangerous it is and how many homeless/poor children and families there seem to be. and i am dying to go to Austrailia! I hope we can take our honeymoon there next year!

  4. People that go to Austrailia are obsessed (my sis lived there) - i need to see that great barrier reef :) adding that one to the list!

  5. The Normandy coast is GORGE but if you're deciding between the two I would definitely do Mont St. Michel, it is so delightful and a little fantasy, I LOVED it there! Have such a blast, yay for Paris! BTW...we need to get together soon:)!


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