Thursday, May 19, 2011

Steppin' it up.

We are still at it, slowly but surely moving forward in our training for a half marathon. We have started off with a 1 mile run from our house to the infamous Santa Monica stairs, walk the stairs, and then 1 mile run home. I know, baby steps, but those stairs are pretty intense! We are huffing and puffing after one. I've only made it to 5 sets, the goal is 10.

So much positive energy around the stairs, the whole community pushing at it. We even saw Jason and Annie cruising down while we were on our way up. Loved running into our LA neighbors.

Feeling the burn. I will keep you posted!


  1. gotta love those stairs!! way to go on your goal of 10! the most ive done so far is 6 & that was pushing it... but it hurts so good!! ;)

  2. Holy Moly.. the one time I did it.. I drove there, did five sets, and BOUNCED!! props girl!!

  3. Sabrina- thats incredible the one time you did it, you did 5 sets. It took me working up 4 days to get to 5, ha! (must be the olympic team athelete in ya!)


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